Gasoline Alley was established to record bands, singer/songwriters, solo artists, musicians, vocalists, choirs, voiceover artists, and almost every other type of studio audio recording project. Whether you need to record an entire album, a demo, an exquisite vocal track or rich, full-bodied drum tracks, Gasoline Alley is the recording facility where your project will receive complete and personal attention.

Featuring industry standard Pro Tools HD as the primary recording system, Gasoline Alley can offer an incredible 192 tracks of audio at playback, and 512 tracks of MIDI. An array of high quality microphones and pre-amps in acoustically-treated rooms ensure optimal sound quality throughout the entire recording process. Add to that the exceptional plug-in processing capabilities (including Auto-tune/Pitch Correction and Drum Sound Replacement) and you will find your sonic palette and editing features quite extensive.

The studio’s Live Room is equipped with a 6-piece Pearl “Reference Pure” series drum kit, complete with cymbals, tuned, miked and ready to record. Our Isolation Room is its own domain, with a sound inhibiting double-paned window to maintain sonic separation, while allowing eye contact and interaction with the Live Room and Control Room (also equipped with a double-paned window). Select synthesizers are available in-house as well.

There is an adjacent spacious indoor lounge featuring a relaxed atmosphere, comfortable surroundings and an entertainment center. And not to be forgotten is the private restroom, complete with shower.

At Gasoline Alley, we combine our musical know-how with a professional, easy-going demeanor, keeping stress levels low while helping musicians create their masterpieces. The recording studio environment is comfortable and private, and the service is friendly, professional, and highly personalized. If you have your own producers, writers, or engineers, they are welcome to assist on projects.

Whether you provide your own producer or rely on our staff’s 30-plus years of musical creation experience, our mission is to make sure you enjoy your recording sessions and are completely satisfied with the final results. If you need help with creation or accompaniment, we can offer talented writers and musicians to assist you.

We will work within your plans and budget to come up with a solution to best suit you. 

Whatever your needs, your project will receive complete and personal attention from conception through completion. Abundantly equipped, and service that is second to none, Gasoline Alley is perfectly suited for your next project.